Facebook for businessFor all Facebook business users and Page admins/managers, it is one of the first things which come in their mind and which they search for when they start their Page.

Why is it so important to have a cover photo on Facebook Page?

Your Facebook Page is just like you website’s home page. In one page, it showcases a lot of things and if your target customer is frequently visiting this page, then, it can help you attain your marketing goals. Cover photo is a nice real estate provided by Facebook to businesses where they can showcase their strenghts with their key marketing messages and product showcase.

How to make a cover photo?

Making a cover photo is not a very difficult task, provided you have a clear understanding of the size and dimensions. For desktops, cover photo should be of 851px width and 315 px height. You can use any tool/software to make your image and it will work fine as long as the width to height ratio is 851:315.

851px x 315 px is the minimum dimension, which a cover should have, otherwise Facebook will automatically stretch it and image will look pixelated. Having an image with resolution higher than 851px x 315 px is fine, as Facebook will reduce the size proportionately.

How to make a cover photo which works fine on both desktops and mobiles?

It is observed that more than 95% of Facebook Pages cover photos are only made for desktops. Very few Pages take into account how it will look in mobiles. But, if you are reading this, then it is quite sure that you are interested to know the difference, so that you can make the difference to your own page cover, when viewed in mobiles.

Here it goes, following figure explains how a Facebook page cover photo should be made, which works fine on both desktops and mobiles.

Facebook Page Cover Photo

Some points to be noted from the above figure are:

Red Area – Your business page profile picture or logo comes here. So, avoid putting any text or image in this region, as this will be not visible in both desktops and mobiles.

Blue Area – This is the are which is not visible in mobiles. Many people are not aware of this fact and hence they tend to make the mistake of putting some text or image which comes in this area. Usually, it will look bad in mobiles, if something is cutting across this area. So, either avoid putting anything in this region, or if you really want to utilize the space for desktop view, then put it in such a way that it doesn’t cut across the blue and white region. That way, the content in the blue region will be completely visible to desktop users and completely invisible to mobile users.

White Area – This is the only area which is visible in both desktops and mobile. Feel free to add text or images in this region, as per your requirement.

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