DMZilla Email Scheduler for GmailGmail is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to email and still most of you would have faced this question that why Gmail doesn’t provide an option to schedule email to send at a later date or time. This is one important feature which ideally should be a part of Gmail itself. Anyways, in this post we are going to solve this problem using our very own Google Spreadsheets. Please note that this is a completely free service and we won’t use any external tool, plug-in, or extension like Boomerang or Right Inbox. (Though nothing against them as we have ourselves used it in the past, but not anymore.)

Why someone would like to schedule their emails for later?

Well before jumping in to the solution, let’s first try to analyze why someone would like to schedule their emails for later. Well, there could be many reasons, but some of the most common scenarios are:

  1. Time zone difference: Say you are in EST and you want to send an email to someone in India and you want them to receive it when their day starts i.e. say 10AM IST. But that means, you need to get up around 11:30PM EST in the night and send that mail. Ideally you would like to draft the email by the end of your office hours and would like to schedule it for 11.30 PM EST, right?
  2. Traveling: Suppose you are traveling tomorrow and you won’t have internet connectivity, but you know that tomorrow you need send Birthday wishes to one of your colleagues. You will love to draft the email and schedule for tomorrow,  right?
  3. Show-off: Some people have this tendency of finishing work early but sending it later. Especially, later in the night to impress their bosses. :) I’m quite sure they would love this solution.

and there could be many more such reasons…

Why you should not use third-party services?

  1. Privacy – You will have to grant read and write access of your entire Gmail account to them to perform scheduling inside Gmail.
  2. Not free – Most of the services have some limitations, either on no. of emails per month or on time duration.

Advantages of using Google Spreadsheets to schedule emails to send a later date:

  1. You give access to only Google Spreadsheets which is controlled by Google and they anyways have the access to everything.
  2. It is completely free of cost and no monthly limitations also. Though standard Gmail limitation of 100 emails per day will apply.
  3. Easy to implement through Google Scripts. Don’t worry if you are not a geek, we have solved it for you. You have to just do some more clicks.

Step-by-step process on how to schedule and send Gmail emails with Google Spreadsheets?

Step 1: Create Drafts in Gmail

  • Go to your Gmail and compose all the messages that you would like to send later.
  • Your drafts can have attachments, images, rich formatting etc.
  • Do add at least one recipient’s email address in the “To” field. You can add multiple recipients also.
  • Subject is optional, but good practice to have it.
  • Save and Close.

Step 2: Create a copy of “[DMZilla] Email Scheduler for Gmail”

  • Click here to make a copy of the “[DMZilla] Email Scheduler for Gmail”
  • On next screen, click on ‘Make a copy’ button

Make a copy of [DMZilla] Email Scheduler for Gmail

  • Following sheet will be created in your drive. Please note the difference marked in red.
[DMZilla] Email Scheduler for Gmail
[DMZilla] Email Scheduler for Gmail

Step 3: Authorize

  • In custom menu “[DMZilla] Email Scheduler” click on “1. Authorize” to grant permissions to Google Spreadsheet.
  • Click on Continue on the following screen.


  • Click on Accept on the following screen.
Grant access to this spreadsheet. Click Accept.
  •  Please note you are giving authorization to Google Spreadsheet and not to DMZilla.

Step 4: Import Emails from Drafts

  • In customer menu “[DMZilla] Email Scheduler” click on “2. Import Emails from Drafts” to import all emails from Drafts folder of your Gmail account.
  • Based on your emails, you will see first 3 columns filled with “ID”, “Recipient’s email addresses”, and “Email Subject” as shown below:
No. of rows filled is equal to no. of emails in drafts
No. of rows filled is equal to no. of emails in Drafts folder that have an email address in “To” field

Step 5: Set Date and Time

  • Set the scheduled date and time (in column D) for emails you want to schedule.
  • Leave blank for those you don’t want to schedule.
  • You can use date picker as shown below. Double click on the cell to open date picker.


  • If required to format the date, in the menu, go to Format -> Number -> Date Time

Important Note:

  • Date/Time Error will come if the scheduled Date/Time (in column D) is of past. So, make sure all Date/Time are of future only.
  • Set the scheduled date and time in your spreadsheet’s time zone. By default, it is your time zone.
  • To change your spreadsheet’s time zone go to File -> Spreadsheet settings…

Step 6: Schedule Emails

  • In custom menu “[DMZilla] Email Scheduler” click on “3. Schedule Emails” to schedule your emails as per the date and time set in Step 5.
  • Check Status column for respective statuses against each email. If any error, rectify and schedule again.
  • You will see either of the following 3 status:
    • Scheduled – This is success and your emails will be delivered on the set date and time.
    • Not Scheduled – You have chosen not to schedule
    • Date/Time Error – Set Date/Time is of past. Rectify and run “3. Schedule Emails” job again.


That’s it. Now, you can close this spreadsheet and relax. Google will now take care of sending your emails on their scheduled date and time. Once the scheduled email is sent, the status will change from “Scheduled” to “Delivered”

Want to Cancel All Jobs after Scheduling?

If at any point of time, you want to cancel all scheduled jobs, do as follows:

  • In custom menu “[DMZilla] Email Scheduler” click on “Cancel All Jobs”

Hope this helps you in scheduling your Gmail emails. If any doubt/question, you can mail us at or feel free to ask a question in the comment section.